Tuesday, April 04, 2006

ART WORLDS: Ljubljana, April 6 - 7, 2006

Slovenian Society of Aesthetics
Gosposka 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

The 10th Spring Colloquium for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

Ljubljana, April 6–7, 2006
Museum of Modern Art, Tomsiceva ul. 14, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

With the theme “Art Worlds” we wish to open a discussion about different worlds in which art appears and develops. Questions about the institution of art and the possibility of alternative forms of artistic production are often being raised, and are related to the formation of different conceptions and definitions of what art is in different societies, cultures, times, and ages. What impact on art do galleries, publishing houses, universities, art schools, ministries of culture, the economy, mass culture, etc. have? What influence do these existing frameworks have on contents and position of art in society and culture, how do they “create” art? Do institutions dictate what will be recognized as art, or has art also developed its own alternative strategies? Can we speak about the hierarchy of art worlds? We can also ask ourselves about the significance of the globalization or of the relation to the tradition and national identity. Can art worlds also be under the hegemony of one particular culture? Contemporary art often uses new media and high technologies. It often involves other, non-artistic disciplines, for example the natural sciences (biology, medicine, physics, etc.). How can these, in the past so divided worlds, be linked with each other? From a more narrow perspective the theme “Art Worlds” can be approached as a question about different worlds within a single artwork. Can we today still assume that an artwork is a self-contained and a self-sufficient form, or is an artwork becoming an open structure and a dynamic process?

The aim of the Spring Colloquia is to stimulate original theoretic reflection on art, culture and their position in the contemporary world. The colloquium is to enable an exchange of ideas, different views, and information about art – with the presentations of papers as well as with the discussions that will follow every paper. In their papers the participants will focus on one or more aspects of the given theme. They will be based on known philosophical and/or theoretical researches in the chosen field.

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