Saturday, April 01, 2006


Dear friends,

As we are supposed to reflect, in different ways, our experience from
Berlin, an idea came up to my mind: what do you think about starting a
common web-presentation of artists, projects, concepts, shows, etc,
that we find interesting and/or representative in a way, so we could
share these suggestions/proposals/selections on our blog? This could
preliminary be based upon the impressions originating from our stay in
Berlin, and not necessarily connected to the Biennial itself, but
rather to the general framework of our presence there, our visits,
meetings, talks, etc. I would suggest that we open a segment within
the blog (Amirali, please let us know if this would be possible,
technically speaking), so each and everyone of us could propose one
artist/work/project/institution/venue/structure/show/etc (experienced
in Berlin) that he/she finds personally very interesting or important
enough for a possible inclusion into some future
projects/programs/shows/etc. I would name this segment "bbforward", as
it should refer both to Berlin, the Berlin Biennial in general, and
our workshop Fast Forward, but you can always correct me and suggest
something else, of course.

These proposals/selections could be posted on our blog, in a very
clear, short form: a short text describing the matter, accompanied
maybe by one little image, with a reference to the source of
information. If each of us would contribute by one simple single
suggestion concerning the topic, we would already have enough
material not for an exhibition, but at least for the articulation of
our possible future project, or for the differentiation among various
personal professional attitudes that could help us define one or
several concepts for the future. What do you think? The only criteria
would be to start with this whole process by relying on our joint
experience from Berlin in March 2006.

I would thus like to propose a Canadian artist, the one that we had a
chance to meet at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien during our studio-visit
there. His name is Michel de Broin, I believe you all remember him and
his exhibition Reversed Enthropy. I am sending a small textual
reminder about this, which we could use on the blog (all the messages
posted for this specific reason should always start with a very clear
reference to what is being referred to, for example: "bbforward:
MICHEL DE BROIN - Reverse Enthropy @ Kunstlerhaus Bethanien" or
something like that).
The one submitting the proposal is always identified in the end of the
message, so after the completion of all our proposals, we will have a
clear image of our individual preferences, which gives us a nice
possibility for collective work in the future. I really believe this
could be helpful, though very modest, way to start experiencing our
real future work together.

Please let me know what you think, and I am looking forward to all
your opinions, suggestions, critiques and advices.

Best regards from sunny Belgrade


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