Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Deep Depression deadline

Deep Depression deadline Extended for international participants!
Deeper Deepression is a Group Contemporary Art Practice by parkingallery which will launch in Summer 2006.
History: In fall 2003 parkingallery published a call of entry for Deep Depression Project for the 1st time in these categories : Video installation, Audio installation, Performance, Photography & Typography; and 43 Iranian & international artists joined our project which was on view in Feb 2004 In Tehran in two galleries in Tehran. You can check the previous exhibition's website here: .
Click here to see the previous exhibition's website!
All artists from all over the world can participate in this project for free.This time we will have a selection committee to select the artworks for the upcoming exhibition in June 2006.The deadline for the applications is May 25, 2006.

Download the English Regulations/Enrty Form here: Microsoft word and PDF versions.
Curator: Amirali Ghasemi
Poster designer: Farhad Fozouni

I'm realy asking for your help to send this to all of your artists how may be interested in this project.
Thank you in advance


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