Friday, March 31, 2006

Summer School for Art Curators / July2006/ Yerevan, Armenia

Summer School for Art Curators

July 4-17,2006 Yerevan, Armenia

The National Association of Art Critics (NAAC) in
Armenia invites art students, historians and other
interested parties to participate in the international
summer school for curators that will take place from
July 4-17, 2006 in Yerevan, Armenia. The two-week
summer school offers an exciting opportunity to attend
seminars, lectures and a workshop instructed by
experienced and well-known curators as well as highly
qualified professors of art history and theory from
different academic institutions.

The application deadline is April 30, 2006. For more
information as well as downloadable application form,
please, refer to our web site at

For further information you can contact or

My Pictorial Report for Parkingallery: 4. berlin biennale & Fast Forward workshop

I'm a very lazy writer, if any of you guys want to share a short text with me I can publish them with pleasure right beside these photos!

Came back home late to hot clime

Dear all
this is not only to recount how all your presence made life so joyous to me.
Indeed I do miss Berlin.
I am amazed at the fact that in such a short time how all of us got along so well.
This is fantastic that this blog is creatyed real fast.
We do need some pictures to carry the casual and serious moods and moments spent there.At least I do feel so.
This is the onset of the hot summer in India.
And i do have a lot left to be done.
Good bye till we talk next.
With best wishes, love and regards

Thursday, March 30, 2006

After the artists' talks

The Room at KW as we left it for the last time after the last artists' talk ended on Friday 24.03.2006. It was a very crowded room with almost a friendly atmposphere, ... by sending this photo, I'm asking you to share your experience of artists' talk with us & let us know how was your impressions about this room & the 6 sessions which we had together with the artists, as my personal opinion is these sessions were one of the greatest highlights of our workshop in Berlin. I've already sent you 56 photos to all of you by email.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

News from rainy Sao Paulo

Dear new friends,
I miss already the intensive programm and the smell and taste of Berlin. I would like to send gradually e-mail regarding individual contexts for each member of the group for a bigger document and a broader panorama of our differencies and familiarities. I am very curious about many topics.
Best wishes,

Just after

It will be great to have here some images.

Thank you and warmest wishes from rainy Berlin

My dear TSHWFU or Fast Forwarders or, simply, friends,

I hope that you have already arrived safely home and that those of you who are still satellite-ing around are having fun! Thank you for this wonderful week of experience and exchange, thank you for your great photos, Amirali, and I'll be sending you soon the emails of the speakers. It was very enriching and fruitful for me, although there were many mistakes and slippery floor throughout the programme, but as this model took shape for the first time I hope this offers some space for an excuse for the things that might have gone even better.

Much much love to everyone of you, am looking forward to meeting you soon in unexpected and predictable places :)

Amirali's report from rainy Tehran

Dear friends
I opened our group weblog as I promised, but as I'm [one of ] the youngest team member[s] [Katarzyna says she is the youngest! & she is right!] I really want to ask somebody else to start the Blog so we need an intro text explaining why we started this blog & the perhaps the story behind the name! I know that some of us haven't reached home yet while I'm writing this, Please check your email, read & follow the instruction which I've sent to you & please feel free to contact me if there is any question.
Please don't Forget to complete your profile including your name, so we can recognize eachother by the signature at the bottom one's post!
Amirali's report from rainy Tehran ends here!

They should have waited for us!

This is Amirali from Tehran & This is our group weblog ...